Class descriptions.

Unless otherwise specified, all classes are open to all levels of experience. Toe-touching ability not required! I design my classes to present a range of variations for each pose. Because our bodies and minds are always changing, all of my classes focus on meeting you where you are on any given day.

GOOD MORNING FLOW | Move + invigorate

Get your day started right with an invigorating flow through poses and breathwork designed to get the creative juices flowing. We will move fluidly through sequences designed to therapeutically harmonize movement and breath.

GENTLE YOGA | Align + stretch

This class is designed for students with various physical limitations and those looking for a gentle introduction to yoga. We will focus on alignment, gentle motions, and stretching using blocks, straps, and chairs to assist all body types in achieving beneficial yoga postures.

VINYASA FLOW | Strengthen + breathe

This flow will get your blood pumping as we move through a series of strengthening and stretching poses, allowing you to explore and go deeper. We will work through various progressions of poses over the course of the session. Watch your body and mind awaken.


Soften into a restful evening with peaceful restorative yoga. These passive poses using bolsters and blocks are designed to gently open the body while promoting stillness and rest. These classes may be of particular interest to those dealing with or recovering from illness or coping with high levels of stress. However, this class is recommended for anyone with a pulse!

MIDDAY MINDFULNESS | Open + meditate

This class moves through gentle opening poses for thirty minutes, focusing on different areas of the body each week. During the last thirty minutes, students are guided through meditation. Take home practices you can use every day in your own wellness routine.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or special requests for yoga classes! I am happy to accommodate.