Everyday yoga

That feeling of unease: it’s a message.

My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.

– Judith Hanson Lasater, Living Your Yoga

As I sit here in my cozy apartment, sipping my hot coffee, I can’t help but feel uneasy about the extreme fortune I have to be living in a peaceful society. It’s a combination of guilt over my own lack of action and sadness for the Syrian people who are in the midst of extreme pain and suffering.

We’re hearing lots of mixed messages about what’s happening in Aleppo right now, and it’s hard to know which news sources to trust. We know for certain, though, that people are suffering. They are desperately lacking the basic necessities to keep living – food, water, and medical supplies.

I feel pretty helpless, and I know I’m among millions of others feeling this way. But that feeling of uneasiness? Don’t brush it aside and carry on with your day. That’s a message and it’s telling you to act. To do anything, no matter how small.

I’ve decided that the best and, perhaps, only way I can help right now is to send my financial support to an independent, neutral non-profit that is on the ground RIGHT NOW helping real people and saving lives.

I donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross, but there are other organizations too, including Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). I’m only one person, but every little bit counts. Even if it’s just your pocket change. You can do something for Aleppo.

After that, write a letter to your MP letting them know that you donated and asking what Canada is doing to provide aid in this humanitarian crisis. If you live in Kitchener Centre like me, here is Raj Saini’s contact form. (Please see below for the letter I sent to my MP. Feel free to copy and paste!)

All of my beautiful friends, thank you for being the loving, caring souls that you are. I am so grateful for you.

SAMPLE MP LETTER: Humanitarian Aid for Syria

Dear Mr./Ms. [MP NAME],

I am writing to you because, like many other Canadians, I am devastated by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Aleppo and across Syria. Canada has taken in Syrian refugees, but I’m wondering what it’s doing to help those who cannot flee. With reports of mass evacuations happening and violence continuing, it’s urgent that every nation answer the call to send relief – food, water, and medical resources – to the people of Syria.

I just made a small donation to [ORGANIZATION NAME]. It’s all that I can afford to give at this time. I am just one person, and there are many individuals like me donating their hard-earned dollars. As a nation, Canada has much greater power, international influence, and financial resources than any single individual. What is Canada doing to provide relief on the ground in Aleppo?

Thank you for your time and your service to our country.

With great concern,


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